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EL gets bashed by Ghanaians for something stupid…and tbh he deserves it

EL using laptop whiles driving
EL using laptop whiles driving


  • Rapper, EL was shown in a viral video using his laptop while driving in a car
  • He keeps drifting from the road to focus on his laptop as he holds the steering wheel with one hand
  • Social media has bashed EL for not respecting Ghanaian road laws and putting other road users at risk


Road safety has been on the lips of almost every Ghanaian with the sharp increase in fatal car accidents on Ghana’s roads over the past few months.

And this message has also been on the lips on celebrity lately, following the demise of Ghanaian musician, Ebony Reigns after she was involved in a car accident alongside a military officer and Franky Kuri.

The late Ebony Reigns (left) with the late Franky Kuri

The late Ebony Reigns (left) with the late Franky Kuri

However, it seems this does not seem to get to Ghanaian musician Elorm Adablah, better known by his stage name, EL.

In a video, that was posted on Twitter by one user, @gracekissi, EL is seen driving with one hand on the steering wheel while his right hand is busy clicking away at keys on his Apple laptop.

It would seem that the musician was mixing music and kept looking away from the road to look on the screen of his Mac.

In the video, the person recording, presumably a lady from her voice, was heard warning EL that he would get arrested by the police.

Koti go catch you oh,” she said to which EL responds with something like “I swear”.

As if that was not enough, she continues to tell the artiste to allow her drive instead since he seemed to want to focus on his music mixing, but the adamant EL replied, “Naaa” as he continued disregard at least 4 road safety precautions.

EL using laptop whiles driving

EL using laptop whiles driving

The tweet by @gracekissi, which has since received over 243 retweets and 135 likes at the time of writing this was captioned, “While @sarkodie is raising road safety awareness see what another colleague is doing? Then when they are involved in road accidents some so called prophets in Ghana will come and talk rubbish. ”.

Sarkodie, has indeed, been heralding a road safety campaign with the release of his song “Wake Up Call”, on which he eulogises Ghanaian celebrities who have passed away through road accidents.

Artwork for Sarkodie's wake-up call ft Benji

Artwork for Sarkodie’s wake-up call ft Benji

Other Twitter users called out EL for what some described as “irresponsible” behaviour.

Others called on the Ghana Police Service to arrest the rapper for his disregard for other road users.

Road accident statistics in Ghana

A total of 2,076 people died in road traffic accidents in 2017.

This is eight people less than the 2,084 people killed in 2016. 514 Females killed in 2017.

Data compiled by the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) revealed that 514 females, comprising 379 above 18 years and 135 below 18 years, were killed in 2017

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